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About Us

~Founded in 2018 owned and created by Jada Patterson. She Nauty Boutique is encouraged by All of Jada’s sisters.~

Influenced by a millennial, S.N.B. started as just an idea, an idea capable of being manifested. From then she made herself a check list which motivated her to make sure every idea on the list was completed and checked off.

 With much effort, support, and energy to maintain a 12-hour daily job Jada Patterson took one step that lead to taking more, one attempt to completing one thing at a time lead the start of a ready-to-brand business.

The goal is to start and continue until..., Now that it has started, she will continue to expand and never give up, that is because she values all the time, money, and effort put into it. 

Here's some Encouragement: Start your own brand, continue to expand it and don't ever give up on it, you won't be just giving up on your brand, you'll be giving up on yourself and time that cannot be replaced, so when things get rough take the time to just think about things and gather your thoughts to see the value of what you've started.

LLC is a beauty and fashion boutique, starting with one item at a time Snb,llc will continue to expand with everything from  hair, lashes, clothing and even other beauty and cosmetic items.